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Year: 2015
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama
Starring: Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dakota Johnson
Director: Scott Cooper


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Review: Black Mass serves as a great liberation floundering work of Johnny Depp, who lean more to the sounds strange and intense real makeup skills in recent years. Her portrayal of mob boss Whitey Bulger is the great power of its outstanding performance and ease since he first introduced the world to Jack Sparrow. Too bad his films generally just doesnt quite well. Even great actors and some interesting facts the source material, somehow the film about one of Americas most notorious criminals feel more like small claims court. Director Cooper focused story about Bulgers sharing under the law and FBI. We witness fascinatingly close its people (agents, criminals, politicians, and family) where honesty and corruption go hand-in-hand. But his quiet 70-feel dirty gangster films that engage the audience almost as much as it reminds them of the best films. Therein lies a major problem: it is offering a Black Mass, which has not contemplated in other gangster movies do? Unfortunately, not wise true in film-making, will be as one man examine every crime drama 40 years ago and just spit out copycat less attractive. Is not that a false positive cant still have marks that are reasonable and presentations from leading thrown around Depp is almost as big as his, all nails Bostonian accent ever parodied with confidence. But on too many grounds for balance, it is not enough to tell the story of unity, and the unfortunate lack of vision auteur, Black Mass just cant stand against the great American films of the past crimes (Chinatown, The Godfather, Goodfellas).
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