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Year: 2014
Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Starring: Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson


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Review: This film is simply unique in all respects. Region has been providing the best, ever grittiest the action genre scenes and characters that are as complex as fun. Why do I say so? Well … What I love about the character that Steve Rogers Im-man – or covered with a question, but he’s comfortable with the instability that it brings. In acclimatize themselves of this century is at its best. So, many people become overwhelmed, but because of who he is and where hes on, hes able to respond and adapt. Serum, which gives him intense physical and mental give him a boost. His emotions are raw and without that aid. Time elapsed from retaliation, that we get to see is a surprise every day and principles. I am glad that they skipped it. What we see is a man who once represented America and became a stranger to America and its values inclined. With the passage of time. Add to this a full-scale confrontation movie plot and what the result might just be the best films released throughout the year basically long.Steve John Wayne Rogers States. World goes to him and tell him his work everyone they Heres how to do it. We have seen that the Avengers and even the first film after he collected his Howling Commandos. Now, those in power are more flexible in terms of credibility and, Theyre going to get some work done. How he copes with this centurys color values at the heart of many film.Like 1940, Steve keeps things for himself and keeps his emotions bottled up. (EX: the first movie when he remembers his mother died of tuberculosis and even shame when Peggy and found mourning tanks alone) So, bring Black Widow in this film gives a person who is going to make her story because hes never will provide it themselves. Natasha learn from it. Rage learn from it. Sam Wilson learned from it. However, to give him something in return. Each symbol used perfectly and deftly used. Falcon example, is not enthusiastic about the story of Captain America. This is exactly what Steve wants another, and one of the soldiers do not have to be Captain America. Everyone fits into the plot, and allows access to various beats, tones and deep emotion. Yes, thrillers need depth, and this one has it.Captain US is perhaps the only superhero reboot left in this world, which is particularly heroic. He doesnt have this dark existential problem as other reinventions. The relationship that strong moral goodness in the complex history means that doesnt matter what he believes, but doubted makes anyone more. It doesnt questioned its core, but doubts where he ended and that its role should now be. Element of collusion with the structure of the story helps that Captain America is not on a pedestal as samovypravdatysya, hes in the corner and that makes you want to root for the guy. He believes in what he’s doing, and the audience along on a large car exchange belief.Marvel films tend to establish the origin of the advance. This starts quickly, but it got a lot of character. The first act has the ability, but makes it lays the foundation for an amazing third act. They take time, display it, and you will immediately empathize with Steve. It gives us a good depth of character provides a way to step kick. And here in great step. This film is quite punches you in the face the best. Measures proposed many of the first film. If the current work and start all around the butt widely impressive.So, probably Wonders grittiest movie and its extension also the possibility of day. There’s a dash of fun, but more There are excellent thriller, adventure film plot and provide even greater.