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Year: 2015
Genre: Drama
Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay, Sean Bridgers
Director: Lenny Abrahamson


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What a great story! When you buy a ticket, I did not expect that the skin is attributed cannula so deep and honest. Abrahamson good direction and oacute; n and Brie Larson and James Tremblay incredibly actuaci oacute; n this attributed to the cannula almost like a documentary. Em just all seems very real and very painful to be realistic character attributed stica film.Movie begins with a mother and her son, Jack, and all of the story about how they were locked in the old Knicks shed for 7 years (the river is unknown Jack and eacute; s oacute of 5 – I think you can divination BOY ar what that means). The child has never seen the world and believes that everything will belong to the world and the fourth World Series. The confrontation between him and his mother about it STILL password; lies about the outside world or to produce one of the largest and well-acted scene M all year.Among all people who deserve applause for the film and along the beautiful Amrahamson Larson and Tremblay, I want to emphasize, Emma Donoghue great success of adaptation and oacute; n bestseller in its own GUI oacute; n very smart and touching. In addition, Joan Allen has done an excellent job as fun attributed mother (grandmother jacks). I really hope that it is an Oscar nominee performance.Talking Oscar, I think, Brie Larson has a good chance not to oacute; I get nominated, but Tom, I ha BOY ar Award in February. Young Jacob, on the other hand, very seriously is the competition in the category for supporting actor (Keaton and Ruffalo (both front men) Spotlight Rylance bridge spies, Rogen, Steve Jobs, Dano, Del Toro, Elba and perhaps Stallone and Hardy) so it should be very pleased with oacute; getting the nod. Am very sorry that good performance can be forgotten s oacute; because RIVER th and eacute; child (and we rarely speaks Academy junior players) .It is invalid; Leather attributed cannula that will go unnoticed or pr oacute; A maximum of two months, I think it will be the fourth. You buy a movie ticket now and stop this happening. I’m sure it will not be disappointed.Movie classification and oacute n: 8.9 / 10MY Best Movies 2015 list: the list of My Movies Best Ever Made: HTTP: // WWW . List / ls072746304 /
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