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Mortar can deteriorate for a few reasons. The elements, moss, and sulfur emissions from oil furnaces.

tuck point moss decay
mortar decay elements

When the mortar deteriorates less than ½ and inch from the outside of the chimney inwards, the area can be Tuck-pointed. Tuck pointing is the act of grinding out and removing the deteriorating mortar and replacing it with new mortar. The newer mortar is a mixture of mortar and a bonding agent, which allows the new mortar to attach itself firmly to the older solid mortar in the bricks. Not only does tuck pointing offer structural integrity to a decaying chimney, it also re-beautifies the chimney. Below are images of a before and after tuck point on the same chimney.

If the mortar has deteriorated beyond 1 inch inwards, or is deteriorating from the inside of the flue, then the affected area needs to be repaired. Please click here to go to our repair page.


I email bids only to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision for the work. If you contact me for a bid, please give me a correct e-mail address. Also, I may need to contact you via phone prior to e-mailing you the bid if there is work that needs to be done in addition to what you originally called for due to structural, code, or safety reasons, or if I need any further information not provided during your first call to schedule me to come out to do the bid.