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Metro Chimney offers volume discounts on chimney cleaning for multi-unit dwellings. If you are an Apartment Manager or Property Management Company, call us to come out and give you a bid for the chimney units in your complex. We can even give you a demonstration cleaning of our services. If you decide to hire us, we offer roof inspections to decide which units need cleanings and which ones do not unless you want all the units on the property cleaned. We can set a block in our schedule to work on the units in a set block. Let us know if your lease states that the chimney cleanings are paid for by you in one lump sum, or if the lease states that the tenants/condo owners are responsible for paying the cleaning of their individual units. We will also inspect each unit and let you know what repairs are needed. For Zero Clearance/Prefabricated fireplace units that are common in Apartment/Condominium complexes, we use only manufacturer’s replacement parts (if available *) to make sure the repair is keeping with the United laboratory tested qualification for that unit. Please see either our Standard Fireplace Cleaning page, Free Standing Wood Stove page, and Zero Clearance Fireplace page to determine what system you have in your complexes and to learn more about our process of cleaning them.

* – We will email you a concise bid that will fully inform you of all that is wrong with each unit’s system, and what needs to be repaired, if anything. We send bids in email form so that we can give you you with all the detailed information about your repair so that you can make an informed decision. Most Apartments/Condominiums in Portland were built with zero clearance fireplaces as the wood burning system. Those systems are sent to United Laboratories for testing for each new model unit that a Manufacturer produces. When the units pass U.L. testing and are cleared for mass production, they are manufactured with a placard denoting Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial Number and Date of Manufacture that is affixed somewhere at the front of the unit. Some are silver with black, others are copper with black, but they resemble the one see in the example picture below.

UL plate

The unit is tested as one unit (with liner, damper, cap and everything installed as one complete unit that makes up that model number) for safety rating and insurance purposes. If a part has gone bad, it needs to be replaced with the original Manufacturer’s Part (if available) to comply with UL testing and for insurance purposes. Only if the manufacturer is no longer in existence, or they no longer make the original replacement part can we replace it with an after market part ON SOME PARTS ONLY – Caps, chase covers, dampers, storm collars and refractory panel (ceramic heat shield panels) in the fireplace IF AVAILABLE. If the liner needs repair or replacing we will refer you to contact a Licensed Wood Stove Installer as The Construction Contractors Board separated Chimney Contractors from performing any liner repair or replacement work back in the 90′s.

NoteIt also may take a bit of time to track down the Manufacturer as many have changed hands or sold themselves off to other larger heating companies and are hard to find. Depending on the age of the unit, some Manufactures may not stock replacement parts for that model number anymore. Some Manufactures have gone out of business but sold their existing replacement parts stock to another company and parts may only be available in the stock they have left in the warehouse. Many Manufacturers have gone out of business entirely and replacement parts of any kind are not available. At that point, only some parts may be replaced with after market parts, specifically caps, chase covers and storm collars.


Cancelled appointments will be subject to a cancellation fee. Once you schedule the chimney cleaning, at that point you are authorizing the terms of the cancellation fee. Cancellation fee applies to people who cancel the chimney cleaning or call in to say they need to reschedule but are not actually rescheduling the appointment at that time. To not get the cancelation fee, you actually need to call up and physically reschedule the appointment time to another day/time. The charges do not apply to people who call in and actually reschedule the time.


Metro Chimney reserves the right to walk away from a job even there is signed bid before the work is initiated. If we sense there will a problem or ongoing issue between us and the customer. This is the Oregon CCB’s position. The customer can call another contractor or chimney company.





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