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When a chimney’s mortar deteriorates to the point where tuck pointing is not an options, repair needs to be done.We will rebuild your chimney with either the existing bricks, or new bricks. Below are some examples of before and after repairs. This chimney was falling apart due to elements distress and the sulfur emissions from the oil fireplace eating apart the mortar on that side of the fireplace. To compound it, shifting of the house cause the top of the chimney to shift. Moss was destroying the joints, and many bricks had spalded (the face of the brick gave way to the weight of the chimney above it and falls off). We tore this chimney down 13 courses and rebuilt it. We also replaced the spalded bricks with new bricks, and tuck pointed the bulk of the sides and front face of the chimney. Because the flue tiles where old, and the customers wanted a custom chimney cap to keep animals from getting into their house again. The after picture was taken before acid washing the chimney, which removes the whitish lime stains on the repaired area. Click on the images below to open up the larger images.

repair 01 before

repair 01 after

This chimney suffered again from mortar decay due to the elements that necessitated a tuck point from the roof line down. The chimneys mortar had completely decayed due to the sulfur emissions from the oil furnace, and was being held together by it’s own weight. Most of the mortar from the roof line up was powder behind a outer skin of sediment hardness. We tuck pointed the chimney from the roof line down. We tore the chimney down from the roof line up and rebuilt it using existing bricks. Because the chimney had been originally built before the mandatory code of a chimney needing to be 2 feet above any part of the roof line with in 10 feet of it, we had to use matched old bricks from other chimneys and build another foot onto it to make it to code with the flue tiles. The original step flashing was old and leaking, so we replaced it with new One Piece Chimney Flashing.

repair 02 before

If you have chimney damage, call us to give a fee estimate to repair your chimney.


I e-mail bids only to give you all the information you need to make an informed decision for the work. If you contact me for a bid, please give me a correct e-mail address. Also, I may need to contact you via phone prior to e-mailing you the bid if there is work that needs to be done in addition to what you originally called for due to structural, code, or safety reasons, or if I need any further information not provided during your first call to schedule me to come out to do the bid.



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