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Chimney Sweep Oregon City

Metro Chimney offers a comprehensive range of chimney cleaning and repair services throughout Oregon City. Our team possesses an in-depth understanding of chimney systems and is fully equipped to meet all your chimney cleaning and repair needs.


Our Services

Since our establishment, we have consistently delivered high-quality services. Our process begins with a thorough inspection, ensuring a remarkable cleaning job. We specialize in various chimney cleaning services, including fireplace cleaning, zero clearance, wood stove, and apartment/complex/condominium chimney cleaning.

In addition to our cleaning services, we also offer comprehensive chimney repair solutions. Our expertise includes chimney caps, crowns, flashing, flue tiles, masonry repair, moss removal, top damper installation, tuck pointing, and waterproofing.


Our Process 

When you choose our chimney cleaning services, you can anticipate two primary offerings: a comprehensive inspection and thorough cleaning.

During the inspection phase, our expert will conduct a physical assessment by ascending the roof to inspect the chimney from the interior. This meticulous examination involves a thorough check for structural concerns, accumulated soot, unusual odors, and any signs of smoke infiltrating your home.

Following the inspection, we will take the necessary steps to clean the chimney. This cleaning process may typically involve the following steps:

– Removal of soot and creosote buildup
– Clearing blockages from the inner liner
– Elimination of debris from the shelf and block chamber
– Utilization of cutting-edge cleaning equipment and tools for a thorough clean


Why Chimney Cleaning and Repair?

  • Regular chimney cleaning offers several advantages:


    1. Improved Airflow: Regular chimney cleaning ensures effective airflow, leading to lower carbon monoxide levels in your home.
    2. Enhanced Wood Burning: A clean chimney promotes efficient wood burning in your fireplace.
    3. Problem Detection: Frequent cleaning makes it easier to identify issues with the damper or smoke shelf.
    4. Better Air Quality: A clean chimney maintains effective venting, resulting in improved indoor air quality.


Why Metro Chimney?

We are a certified, bonded, and licensed provider of a comprehensive array of chimney cleaning and repair services. What sets us apart from other chimney cleaning and repair companies is our commitment to quick and effective service delivery.

Our dedicated experts tirelessly strive to deliver high-quality service with guaranteed satisfaction. We conduct thorough inspections before taking any action, carefully assessing both the service needs and budgetary requirements. Our goal is to provide your home with precisely what it needs, all at reasonable prices. Achieving customer satisfaction brings us immense joy!




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