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If your chimney goes up through your roof, or any part of the overhang of the roof on the side of the house, then a major part of your chimney is the flashing. Chimney Flashing refers to pieces of sheet metal or other impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into your house from the expansion space around your chimney. This space is there to give your chimney an area to expand and contract when it heats up from fireplace use. The two pieces of flashing (roof and chimney) allow this to happen while keeping the roof leak proof. The roof flashing come from underneath the roofing material and bends up under the chimney flashing, which comes out from behind a joint in the bottom of your chimney, and bends down to cover over the roof flashing. The flashing keeps your roof in this area from leaking when it is raining. Even if your chimney has flashing, it can be inadequate, and cause leaks to the interior anyway, as seen in these pictures below.


When this flashing deteriorates, leaking around the area occurs on the interior of the home, causing damage to the roof and walls near the chimney, as is clearly shown in this picture below.

Many chimneys have step flashing. This type of flashing is called this as it resembles steps on a chimney. We do not like to install this type of flashing as it can become pulled up by wind, or other service men walking on your roof, and become in-effective.




Step Flashing is called this as it resembles a set of steps going along the side of a chimney. Metro Chimney prefers not to install step flashing as there are too many variables for it to fail, such as wind or service men on your roof pulling them up, making it ineffective, as seen below. We can install it if you want to keep up a visual continuity, but we find it far inferior in design to One Piece Flashing.





Metro Chimney prefers to install One Piece Flashing as it is far superior to step flashing, and far less apt to fail. It can be screwed in and can’t be bent up by high winds or other service men on the roof. One Piece Flashing lasts longer than step flashing. It can also be installed to follow the natural flow of water as it makes it’s way down your roof. See pictures of before and after of a One Piece Flashing job on all sides below.

This is the same chimney looks with it’s flashing replaced with new One Piece Flashing.




After trial and error to find the best flashing design to keep rain and water buildup getting into the seams of the flashing (where it usually starts to degrade) we have changed the flashing design to this style as we feel this will last the longest.


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