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Chimney Sweep Newberg

Metro Chimney, offers a full portfolio of chimney cleaning and repair services around the Newberg. We fully understand the intricacies associated with chimney systems and are well-equipped to address all your chimney cleaning and repairing requirements. 

Our Services

We have maintained high quality services delivery since our establishment. Our services begin with a detailed inspection to deliver a remarkable cleaning job including Fireplace cleaning, zero clearance, wood stove, and apartment/complex/condominium chimney cleaning services. 

We also offer chimney repair services including chimney caps, crowns, flashing, flue tiles, masonry repair, moss removal, top damper, tuck pointing, and waterproofing. 

Our Process 

When you hire us for chimney cleaning, expect two main services: detailed inspection and cleaning. During the process of inspection, an expert will have a physical inspection by climbing the roof to inspect the chimney from inside. They will thoroughly check the chimney for any structural issues, built up soots, unusual odors, and smoke entering the homes. After inspection, the necessary actions will be taken to clean the chimney. It can typically involve following-

  • Soot and creosote removal
  • Blockage removal from the inner liner
  • Debris removal from the shelf and block chamber
  •  Latest cleaning gears and tools are used for cleaning

Why Chimney Cleaning and Repair?

  • Regular chimney cleaning will keep the airflow effective, hence, lower carbon monoxide level in your home. 
  • Clean chimney encourages effective wood burning in your fireplace. 
  • Regular cleaning makes it easier to spot problems in damper or smoke shelf. 
  • Clean chimney keeps the venting effective, hence, better air quality. 

Why Metro Chimney?

We are certified, bonded, and licensed to deliver a wide range of chimney cleaning and repairing services. Our quick and effective service delivery sets us apart from other chimney cleaning and repair company. 

Our experts work tirelessly to ensure a high quality service with guaranteed satisfaction. We inspect thoroughly before taking any action to assess the service and budgetary requirements. We work hard to offer what your home truly needs within reasonable prices. Satisfied customers gives us immense pleasure! 



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